You are currently viewing 13 Best Free Email Service Providers (New 2022 Rankings)

13 Best Free Email Service Providers (New 2022 Rankings)

2022 Best Free Email Service Providers List & Comparison:

In today’s technological world, email is the most common form of communication, whether for business or personal use.

There are various email service providers on the market with their own unique capabilities. This article, in turn, will help you choose the best email provider.

There are two types of email services ie email clients and webmail.

The email client is a desktop application and allows you to set up one or more email addresses. You can compose, send, receive, and read email from these applications. An example of an email client is Microsoft Outlook.

Best Free Email Service Providers

Webmail is a web application for accessing emails. It can be accessed through browsers. Examples of webmail include Gmail and Yahoo.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at a list of the top email providers along with their pros and cons.

When selecting an email service provider, look for storage, ease of use, spam filters, and mobile access.

If you want to send emails to clients for business use, you should look into features like storage provided, maximum attachment size allowed, security options provided, archiving capabilities, and some other advanced features like task scheduling and cost. .

If you’re looking for an email service for personal use, you should look for features like good spam blocking capabilities, virus protection, storage, and ease of use.

How do I select a Premium email service provider?

When selecting a premium email service provider, look for features like huge attachments, storage, file retrieval options, collaboration options, task management, multi-user support, and custom domains.

Generally, these premium services cost between $6 and $30. Prices vary depending on the features offered.

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List of the most popular email service providers

Below is a complete list of the most popular free email service providers on the market.

Comparison of the best email providers
Mail provider Storage in mailboxes Number of supported languages ​​Supports the use of own domain Ideal for

Gmail_Logo 15 GB 71 Yes Best as a general email provider.

Titan Logo 50 GB 22 Yes Best as a business email service provider.
constant contact

Constant Contact — 11 Yes Email Marketing Automation
central point

Hubspot Logo — 6 No Email Marketing
send blue

SendinBlue Logo — 3 Yes Email Marketing

Aweber_logo NA 19 Yes All types of businesses and digital marketing agencies

Outlook_Logo 15 GB 106 Yes Multiple app integrations
Yahoo Mail

Yahoo_Logo 1TB 27 – Block Spam
zoho mail

Zoho_Logo Lite: 5GB
Standard: 30GB
Professional: 100GB 16 Yes Home Business
AOL Mail

AOL_Logo — 54 – Unlimited storage
We are going to explore!!

1) Gmail

Price: Free.

There are three plans for G Suite: Basic ($5 per user/month), Business ($10 per user/month), and Enterprise ($25 per user/month). Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll get more storage, support, and access to apps.

Gmail is an email service provided by Google.

It is accessible through the web and using third-party programs. It can be accessed on iOS and Android mobile devices. It allows you to share up to 25 MB per email. Files larger than 25MB can also be shared via Google Drive.

Gmail is used for both personal and business communications.


  • It is accessible from any device.
  • Undo Send for emails.
  • Email forwarding.
  • Powerful search.
  • Provides security with two-step verification.
  • Supports many keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can also use it in offline mode.


  • Sometimes it gets slow when loading.
  • Managing different folders and labels is a bit confusing.

2) Titan

Titan Pricing: Business pro at $2 per month and Business premium at $2.45 per month.

Titan is available through leading web presence providers like, Hostinger, and It comes with 50 GB of storage.

Titan’s Business Email Suite has features to help small businesses grow their business by offering email on your domain, a shareable calendar, and ample storage space. It is the highest rated email product on G2 with a rating of 4.8 and ranks in the top 5 platforms for business email.


  • Email templates to save and reuse emails that are sent regularly.
  • Schedule Send, which allows users to compose an email and schedule it to be sent at an optimal time.
  • Read receipts that notify users when their sent email has been opened.
  • Follow-up reminders can be set to encourage the user to follow up in the event of no response.
  • Advantage:
  • It is a cost-effective email solution.
  • Users receive an email that matches your company’s domain.
  • Multiple account support allows you to access all your accounts in one view.
  • Easy to import existing emails and contacts from other platforms.
  • Accessible on mobile devices.


  • Does not provide email marketing services.

3) Constant contact

Constant Contact Pricing: Constant Contact charges its users based on the number of contacts they want to accommodate. As such, there are two plans with the ‘Core’ plan starting at $9.99/month.

The ‘Plus’ plan is relatively more expensive and starts at $45/month and includes all the features of the Core plan along with some advanced offers. A 60-day free trial is also available.

constant contact

Constant Contact is an email service provider for those who want to leverage email to launch marketing campaigns that drive business growth. With hundreds of pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop display system, this platform gives users the easiest way to create, send, and organize their email marketing campaigns.

The platform also excels when it comes to automation and segmentation. Constant Contact will automatically segment your contact list based on several factors. This segmentation then helps the platform automatically send the right email to the right person…one who is most likely to resonate with the message it contains.


  • Hundreds of pre-built email templates to choose from.
  • Drag and Drop Email Builder
  • Automate email marketing campaign
  • Segment contact list
  • Allows easy upload of contact list from external platforms like Excel, Salesforce, etc.
  • Track the performance of launched email campaigns in real time.


  • No free plan

4) Blue Shipping

Sendinblue Pricing: Sendinblue offers a free plan. There are three more plans, Lite (starts at $25 per month), Premium (starts at $65 per month), and Enterprise (get a quote). You can register for free. With a free plan, you can send 300 emails per day.

Sendinblue offers the tools for all your digital marketing needs. It contains the functionalities for email marketing. You can design your email. It will be easier to create a professional looking email.

You can design the email from scratch or you can use a template. Optimize shipping time using machine learning. These features will send your email at the perfect time.


  • Sendinblue supports 6 languages ​​and a nice addition here at Pros is that we offer a Shared Inbox feature that allows people to sync their Inbox emails with any major email provider.
  • Sendinblue provides an intuitive drag and drop builder and thus you can design the email that matches your brand.
  • It has advanced features for email personalization that will allow you to personalize the email by adding the name of the contact.
  • You can group contacts from unlimited contacts and lists.


  • It is expensive compared to other tools.

5) Aweber

Aweber lets you create and send amazing emails, thanks to its drag-and-drop editor and library of pre-made templates. Aweber is also smart enough to help you create an email template from scratch automatically, based on the requirements you feed it.

You can automate the entire email marketing process and even send targeted messages by segmenting your contact list. You can program messages that encourage subscribers to buy more products, not abandon their cart or explore your website. These emails will be sent automatically based on your set schedule or due to actions taken by your subscribers on the site.


  • Easy to use drag and drop email builder
  • Complete library of pre-made templates.
  • More than 6000 free images
  • Send targeted messages by segmenting email contact list
  • Manage subscribers using a tag.
  • The free plan allows you to send 3,000 sales per month.


  • Creating forms and landing pages can seem cumbersome.

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