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9 . Facebook’s Secret Tips, Tips and Tips You Should Follow

Facebook is a broad multi-dimensional entertainment and communications platform.

It allows users to connect with people across the globe, making communication easier and more efficient than ever.

Facebook provides a wide array of features and functions however, the majority of users are unaware of the features and functions. The majority of Facebook users are not aware about the many tasks they could complete using the application or the rewards they could get or enjoy. The app’s popularity continues to grow, making it among the very first online sites that users check several times throughout the every day. However, as the site continues to grow it becomes more challenging to handle.

To make the most of your Facebook experience, read these Facebook tips and tricks listed below.

#Tip no. 1- Download Images and videos to your offline Storage

Every now and then, we come across interesting videos and images posted on Facebook that we’d like to keep with us for offline storage. This is easy with this unusual Facebook feature.

All you need to do is navigate to the options for the specific post. After that, click share and copy the URL.

Then, go to your browser and then open which is where you need to paste the URL. This will allow users to download information.

It’s easy, isn’t it ?

#Tip no. 2. Faking a Conversation

It’s fun to prank our friends at times. Facebook understands our desire to have fun , and allows us to create fake Facebook conversations and screenshots.

  • To create a Facebook chat, just go to and click “create facebook chat”.
  • Now you can choose the profile pictures for person 1 and for person 2.
  • You can control your conversation in a number of different ways, and easily fool your pals.

#Tip no. 3- Identify your stalkers

  • Are you interested in knowing who might visit your page?
  • It’s possible to do this!
  • Navigate to the dropdown menu at the top, then choose privacy shortcuts.
  • Then click Privacy Checkup and you will be presented with an option titled who is able to view my profile.
  • Clicking on this option it will allow you to easily manage your profile.

#Tip no. 4- Add Colors

Facebook uses a default blue color that seems inaccessible. Some users get bored with the blue color and would like to alter colors based on their personal tastes and preferences.

To customize your color scheme, download the color adjustments for the Facebook extension to your device.

After that, log in to Facebook and then select the extension, which will show up on the browser’s header. The extension will open a new window with a variety of colors that you can select from.

Choose your preferred color and then restart your browser. This will apply the setting.

#Tip no. 5: Checking out What Your Friends Loved

If you’d like to find out the posts that your friends have liked , without them even being aware, you’re in luck.

All you have to do is use Google and enter ” photos x y z liked “. This will show every photo that your friend enjoyed on Facebook.

#Tip no. 6- Hiding Online Status from Certain Contacts

There are occasions when we are tempted to let only a handful of people know we are actively using Facebook. A majority of people do not realize this is a possibility to control. It is as simple as going to the settings for active chat where you’ll see these options.

  • Hide all contacts from your list
  • Show it to everyone, not just..
  • Only show to..
  • You can pick any of these options to protect your privacy.

#Tip no. 7- Downloading the Complete Facebook Data

If you’re planning to deactivating your account (but keep all your information) or would like to store everything in an offline location do not fret! Facebook lets its users benefit from this feature, where users can download copies of their entire data, which is stored in the Facebook server.

Simply send an inquiry at the site. They will make an exact copy of the record of all your Facebook data and will send you an email.

With this link, you’ll be able to effortlessly access your data.

#Tip no. 8. Transfer Money

Facebook has grown beyond being just an entertainment and communications platform. Facebook now allows its users to carry out more complicated tasks like transferring money.

To accomplish this, you’ll need to begin an exchange of words with the person you wish to transfer funds to.

Click on the dollar sign and type in the amount you wish to transfer.

Click on the pay option, which is located in the upper right-hand corner. You can then add your debit card and you’re good to go.

#Tip no. 9. Download A Copy of Everything

Facebook is a fantastic platform to share your photos, videos and to share your thoughts anytime. When you do this you’re basically telling your story.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to save your file offline?

In reality, you can download the content you post on Facebook.

Isn’t it cool?

What you have to do: Sign in to Facebook Then, go to Settings

It will also collect every post you made on Facebook and email it’s interactive version. This includes all your images, videos, messages as well as posts.


These are just a few tips and tricks for using Facebook. There are plenty of techniques that will assist you in using Facebook more effectively.

In a fast-growing world the virtual world is becoming more more real and people are spending more time online on the Internet. Facebook is a vital tool to connect people. Facebook can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including connection, entertainment, or business you only need to choose what you like about Facebook.

Facebook began as an online social network to communicate and keep in touch with friends. After a while it was discovered that the possibility of sharing videos and images, as well as backlinks have made FB extremely appealing to the business. It has evolved into a platform for social media, multi-national advertising account on social networks, communities and commercial pages for building brands.

You can now not only make connections with your acquaintances, but search for businesses, look up reviews, reviews, likes and dislikes, as well as collect all kinds of information about anything literally.

It is also possible to purchase old Facebook accounts from friends to use for marketing your business online. Many marketers are taking advantage of this.

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