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Amazing Features of Gmail Accounts:

Although almost everyone knows about Gmail and its amazing features, if you are new to the platform, this article can clear all your doubts. Here we are going to talk about some of the amazing features of this business email service so that you can make a safe decision to buy Gmail accounts.

  • Schedule emails in advance

The latest addition to the Gmail platform is the ability to schedule emails so they can be sent later at a specific time. You can set the schedules for tomorrow morning, afternoon, or any time you want. Although this feature is not available to everyone yet, if you upgrade your version of Gmail, you can definitely get access to it. With the updated version, you’ll find a dropdown menu attached to the Send button from where you can make easy selections to schedule your emails.

Improved right-click operations

Another feature that was recently implemented in February allows people to right click on the available thread with conversion and do much more with it. It is possible to move emails between tabs, mute conversations, snooze emails, and open emails in a separate window. You can also find messages from a specific sender using the search function and manage your business-related tasks with ease. These features make Gmail accounts worth buying.

Drag emails between tabs

Those who have accessed with separate categories and tabs on the screen, such as Main, Updates and Social, etc., can even drag conversation threads to easily recategorize messages. Aside from this, Gmail can also save you a lot of time by letting you decide whether Gmail should treat future emails from the same sender similarly in the future or whether other settings should be applied for categorization. Business owners find this feature very useful as it allows them to manage customer or employee emails by setting up specific categories with ease.

Use Google AI to compose emails

Gmail launched its Smart Compose feature in the year 2018 and now it has been updated to conveniently appear on more devices with the ability to adapt to user needs. To use this feature, users simply need to go to the Settings option, choose General, and then click Web Writing Suggestions. You can also choose Settings, choose your email address, and then click Smart Compose on an Android phone. iOS support for this feature will be released in the future.

Send and receive money

Growing business owners will be happy to know that they can now send and request financial transactions through Gmail messages on the web. The idea is to simply click on the dollar symbol available at the bottom of the compose window and then type in the amount you wish to send or receive. If you haven’t set up Google Pay for your account yet, you’ll be prompted to do so. As soon as you start using Google Pay for transactions, you can ensure convenient management of your business finances.

Set the expiration time for emails

Confidential mode was released by Google for Gmail users a few months ago. This feature allows users to set limits for downloading and copying messages and add an optional expiration time. You can find this option conveniently through the menu button available on mobile. In case you are using Gmail on the web, you can access this feature from the lock symbol while composing your email. This feature works seamlessly in Gmail and can be conveniently linked to your original email on the web while communicating with other clients.

Receive notifications of specific emails

As a business owner, you can receive unlimited emails every day. Receiving notifications for all of them can seem very time-consuming and complicated. Well, here comes the utility of setting priorities for email notifications. Whether you are using Gmail on the Android or iOS platform, you first need to go to the Gmail app settings, choose your email address, and then click Notifications. Also, you can set alerts for high priority emails. Note that this feature works efficiently and separately from the general notification settings for iOS and Android phones.

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