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How Do I Join Two Gmail Accounts

It is believed that the number of email accounts per one person is predicted to rise by 1.75 to 1.86 in 2022. Many of us are juggling between emails that are sent through Gmail to various Gmail addresses. We are accustomed to store one account to use for work, but also for other similar prospects and for personal reasons.

But what happens if both of the Gmail accounts are linked? This will save you the time trying to switch between accounts that have numerous Gmail addresses. The majority of people prefer to purchase large quantities of Gmail accounts. Some people find it the best solution for everyone.
It is easy to do this by sending a request through another Gmail account through Gmail Settings. Combining both of your Gmail accounts can also help reduce the possibility of losing important messages or emails going unanswered.

This article will help you manage your inbox, and how to use Gmail for a common inbox , collaborating with other team members on the same messages. You don’t need to give complete the access of each of your Gmail accounts to accomplish the similar. Therefore, let’s get moving and talk about methods for connecting 2 Gmail accounts.

How do you connect two Gmail Accounts?

If you’re unsure of connecting to two Gmail accounts to handle your email all in one place, then you’re in the right spot. Take a look at these steps to assist you to connect your the two Gmail accounts.

Make a request to your Second Account within the Gmail Settings

Go to the Accounts menu within the Settings. Check out the All Settings section to do the same. Begin by logging into your first Gmail account and then move on following the remaining steps. Choose Accounts, and then click the Import tab.

Input your name as well as your secondary email address in the box that is provided.

Check and confirm the information you’ve entered. Then, you need to navigate to the second Gmail account , and verify the message that was sent to it from the primary account.

Accept the request from your Primary Account

To accept the request to your second Gmail accounts, you have to click the face icon at the top right corner on page Gmail Account page.
In this manner, you’ve changed to the two Gmail accounts. You must now confirm that the email was sent to your inbox on the second Gmail account. These emails will appear above your inbox messages by default.

Go to the inbox on your second Gmail Account and then open your email. The confirmation button within the email to verify the email address. Beware of suspicious links. When you click the link to verify your email, you’ll be asked to confirm the request.

By clicking the Confirm button, you’ll get an additional email account verified to be merged with the primary one. In this way, you’ll see an “Confirmation Success!” message on your screen.

Once your connection is successful, all of your devices that have the accounts will be automatically you logged into the accounts that have been merged, both in Android or iOS. After that, you must confirm that the connection is working.

Test It To See If It’s Effective

Once everything is finished now, it’s time to verify that it’s functioning properly. Click the Compose button in order to create an email address. Select from to determine whether you are allowed to choose a different email address other than the primary email address.

If you can see a drop-down menu that lists several email addresses, you’re heading towards the proper direction. However, that’s only the first step in the procedure. Now, you can mail emails using your email address.

But what happens when you receive emails to both of your email addresses? It is possible to test this by having sending an email your second email address to determine whether it appears within your email inbox.

Send a test message to your second email address. If it is visible in your inbox, it is working beyond reasonable doubt.
If the email appears on your mailbox, it is verified that you have two distinct Gmail accounts that share an inboxes for both. It required no extra sign-ins or extra effort.

The Final Words

If you have many email accounts, it is possible that you could be struggling managing your email replies. You have another business to run. Emails can consume a significant amount of your time. This is especially true if you’ve got several accounts.
Combining your email accounts saves you much time since you only need to sign in to just one email account in order to view your messages and messages at the same time. There is no need to look for multiple passwords and remember only one.
Even if you must send an email to a different email address other than the primary email address, Gmail lets you choose the email address prior to sending. Overall you will be able to stay on top of your email by having a shared inbox that contains all your email addresses all in one spot.

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