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How to create a Facebook page on Facebook

How do I create a Facebook page? A page to Facebook can be used by businesses and organizations, brands and even the general public to tell their experiences and communicate with others. Like pages and events, pages, can be personalized by adding stories and other information. Anyone who follows or likes the page will get news updates on the feed.

To create an online page:

01. Visit

02. Select the category you want to choose.

03. Input the required details.

04. Click to create a page.

05. Include a profile or cover photo

07. Click Save.

Note: Anyone can make this page. Official representatives may create a page on behalf of an organization, a company or a brand, as well as anyone else in the public.

What is the best way to create an account on your Facebook profile?

You have to be an administrator to create a username for a page. The username of your page should appear under your page’s title and be included in your URL so people are able to easily locate the page and keep it in mind.

All you need to do is create a user name to your Facebook page. Search out how to buy old Facebook accounts

01. Click on the pages of the left menu of your feed of news.

02. Visit your profile.

03. Click on the username for the page below the page’s name. page.

04. Enter your username and move the mouse outside of the composer.

If you find a username then you can choose to use it by clicking Create an account.

05. If the username you’d like to use is taken, or is not approved, you’ll have to select a different username.

06. Be sure that the username that you are trying to create is in line with the guidelines for a custom username.

Please note that if any new pages aren’t able to generate a username in a timely manner the username of your page could be removed because of inactivity.

How do I set up a Facebook group to be an administrator for a page?

You can start a new group using your account as an administrator.

To create a group and set the admin page:

01. Select the pages from the left menu of your news feed , and then select the desired page.

02. You can click on the groups beneath an image of the group’s cover. If you can’t find the group go to More and then Edit Select, then click on the next group.

03. Go back to your home page and select more groups.

04. Create linked groups, and then fill in the sections on screen for your group.

05. Simply click on the Create button. Your page can function as administrator for up to 200 groups. The groups will be featured in your profile.

How do I deactivate an individual on my page for Facebook?

Your pages might be brand new or the traditional experience of pages. The new experience for pages is not yet available for all pages.

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Page from the classic

We suggest that you ban people who are still publishing spam on your website. You may decide to remove them at anytime. If you do ban anyone from your page, they are able to share content from your page to other pages on Facebook however they cannot ever publish it on your account. Like or leave comments on your page, post messages, etc.

There are many ways to remove any individual or website from your page.

From the settings on your page:

01. Select settings at the very top of the page.

02. Click on People or other webpages in the column to the left.

03. Click the checkbox beside your name. page or person you wish to block.

04. Choose Ban from the menu and click Confirm.

To block a posting from your website

01. Click on the post on the left column of the page.

02. Click on the post of a visitor to the right on the right.

03. Click on the three vertical black dots in the upper right hand corner of the page you’d like to remove.

04. Choose the ban on the webpage.

05. Click Confirm.

To block your site’s inbox:

01. Click the inbox on your page.

02. Simply click on the “Message” left of the person you wish to expel.

03. Click on the top-right

04. Select Prohibited on the page.

05. Click Confirm.

No one is banned.

There are a variety of methods to Unban someone or an individual from your site:

From your page’s settings:

01. Then click Page Settings.

02. On the right column select People and other pages.

03. Choose the page, click on them to choose Forbidden People as well as Page.

04. Click to tick the box beside that person’s name you wish to Unban.

05. Select Unban from the menu.

06. Click Confirm.

From the inbox of your page:

01. Click on the page’s inbox.

02. Click on the message left of that person who you would like to Unban

03. Make sure to click the top right,

04. Select to remove Prohibited from Page.

05. Click Confirm.

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