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How to get Google Voice Number in Easy Method

There are many reasons making use of a web-based phone service is beneficial. If you are a traveler who are traveling, you can make international calls and receive them at a lower cost than the majority of mobile service providers. In addition, if you own multiple numbers (i.e. work, personal, etc.) you are able to handle all inbound text messages and calls to a single universal number.

Although there are a variety of these available services but one that is a favorite choice for many users is Google Voice. Google Voice

Google Voice is a telephone service that lets you utilize one number for several phones. Through the creation of the Google Voice number, users can receive and make messages, call numbers or even text message. It’s available for use on the internet browser as well as Android or iOS and is available for any use.

The best part? It’s completely free to utilize. All you need to do is sign for an account.

How do I sign up to Google Voice

  1. Visit
  2. Explore available area codes.
  3. Choose an Google Voice number.
  4. Verify your account using your existing phone number.

If you’re looking to see if you can do it yourself, continue reading. We’ll guide you through every step you must take to begin.

How do I find a google phone number

Before we get started we must be aware that you must have at least a Google account in order to access Google Voice. If your account is already in place, you are free to skip. If not, make certain to make an account. It takes only about a minute and will require you to enter certain basic details.

  1. Click here to

The process is fairly simple. Once you’re logged in to your Google account, head to

2. Find area codes available

At this point, Google will prompt you to input an area number. If you have location services activated in your phone, Google will automatically pull up a selection of areas codes to select from.

Google allows you to select any area code, so long as numbers are that are available. If, for instance, you reside within Cass Lake, MN. But you conduct business primarily with Cass Lake, MN, it could be beneficial to choose the Cass Lake ~based area code.

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  1. Select an Google Voice number and click “Select”

If you locate the number that is suitable for you, just select ” Select”

  1. Verify your current number

The last step is to confirm the authenticity of your Google Voice account with your actual phone number. It’s an online service, so it won’t be able to create an account for you like mobile providers can.

Simply click ” Verify” in green and proceed.

The next screen you’ll be asked to input your current number. It is this number that will be connected to the Google Voice Account and receive calls inbound to that Google Voice number, so make sure you select a number that you are likely to use frequently (if you have more than one)

When you have entered your number After entering your phone number, click ” Send code”This will give you a code in a text message. This code must enter on the following screen.

When you have entered the 6 Digit code that you received after which you select ” Verify” You’re done! On the next screen, you will display how to change your Google telephone number.

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