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The best way to backup images from Google Docs 6 Simple Methods

Google Docs” provides an excellent writing environment for writers. Writers, bloggers and others use it more often than any other platform for writing. Sometimes, the reader would like to save an image of the google docs. Docs.

If you’re searching for a method to remove images from Google Docs, we have your back.

We’ll give you a the complete instructions to help you save Google Docs images.

There are a variety of ways by that you could download images from Google Docs. A few of them are listed below:

1. Save images with Google Keep

The most basic method you could use for saving images is with “Google Keep”. It is necessary to follow these steps to save images:

Step 1: Save to Keep Notepad

Right-click on the photo you wish to save. When you do this, a list of options will pop up and you need to select”Save to Keep Notepad” option “Save to Keep Notepad” option. Your image is saved to the notepad.

Step 2: Save image to…

After you have completed the first step the sidebar will show with the image It is all you have to do is click the image on the right and choose the “Save image as” …” choice. By doing this there is the option to save every image that you wish to save along with you.

2. Save Images using the option to publish to the Web

This method makes use of this method by using the “Publish to Web” feature. The ability to publish to the internet is an integrated feature of Google Docs. It is necessary to follow these steps to save your images by publishing to the internet:

Step 1 “Publish on the internet …”

If you click on the option to save files A list of options will be presented. It is necessary to select the”Publish to the Web” option. An additional window will open and you need to select”Publish” “Publish” option.

Step 2: Publish Link

After the previous step After the above step, you will be presented with the following page. Page

Link to publish. Copy the link and open it in an entirely new tab. The entire document will show in the tab.

Step 3 “Save image to …”

This is the final step. It is necessary to right-click the image, and then select the “Save as” …” option” to save the image to the desired location within your P.C.

3. Save Images by Using Add-ons

There is a third Google Docs’ built-in feature which includes “add-ons” to download the images from google Docs. Simply follow the below steps in order to download these images.

Step 1 “Get add-ons”:

Choose the Add-ons option from the menu in Google Docs. The options be displayed. Choose”Get Add-ons” and then click on the “Get add-ons” option and look for “Image Extractor”.

Step 2: Install Add-ons

Following that, you need downloading the add-ons. When you download the add-ons you’ll be able to grant access to your Google accounts. Then, select”add-ons,” then select the “add-ons” option from the menu and then select the image extractor to turn on the extraction tab for images.

Step 3: Download Image

Then, click on the image that you wish to download. Write its name in the extraction tab. Click on the download option.

4. Save images using the Web Page

Another option alternative is downloading the complete document as a webpage. This is a feature built into of Google Docs. It is easy to follow the steps below in order to obtain any file you want from google Docs.

Step 1 : “Web Page (.html, zipped)”:

Go to the “File” tab from the menu of Google Docs. Expand the download options and choose”Web Pages” from the “Web Page (.html, zipped)” option. The entire file will then be stored in Zipped folder.

Step 2 : Unzip Folder

The downloaded zip file will contain the webpage of the document downloaded and another folder containing the images included to create the documents. You can open the folder of images and get access to all images used in the document.

5. Save images using Wordable

Another approach is the use of the premium services such as “Wordable”. Wordable can convert the Google Docs document into the format of a WordPress document. You can download any image that you like from. Follow the steps listed below for downloading any picture.

Step 1: Export Document

Open the wordable application and choose the export option that appears next to the desired Google Docs document. An additional window should open.

Step 2 “Export to WordPress”:

In the new window, you’ll need choose Export into WordPress option. There is the option to either export it as either a page or post. The file will be posted via the WordPress dashboard, and you will be able to download the images you want from there.

6. Save Images Directly

This is a simple way to download an image. The steps below can assist you download any image you want from Google Docs.

“Save to Keep”:

Left-click the image. The blue borders will appear on the image. Then, right-click on the image and select”Save” from the “Save to keep” option. A sidebar containing the selected image will appear.

“Save image” as …”:

Then, right-click the image, and then click the “Save image as” …” option” to download the image you want to download.

So, if you use any of the methods mentioned above to download images from Google Docs in a careful manner it is possible to download any image that you find in any Google Docs document.

It’s that easy!

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