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How to Generate Gmail App Passwords.

How to Generate Gmail App Passwords: Is it Necessary?

To Generate Gmail app passwords is very easy, but before generating, we should know why we need to create app passwords. Is this really necessary to create app passwords or not?

It depends on you when you need this; if you do not want to give access to your clients, etc., then you are no longer allowed to make app passwords. But if you are the Gmail owner and want to give him access, then you do not need to share with him your email and password. Just generate app passwords.

What are Gmail app passwords?

The 16 digit codes allow the third party to access the Gmail accounts and Google accounts without knowing the main passwords by which the main account is saved.

At any time, you can remove the app password, and the third party will no longer be able to access your account. In this way, you can protect your account and temporarily give access your accounts to your clients, etc.

Note: Before generating app passwords, the 2-step verification should be on.

Generating App Password: a Full Guide

1: When you log in to your Gmail accounts, then go to your profile and visit Manage your Google account.

Generate Gmail App Passwords

2. After that, you will see Security on the left; click on Security.

Generate Gmail App Passwords

3: By scrolling down in the sign in to Google section, you may see app passwords. Click on them.

Sign in to Google

Note: If two step verification is off, then you can’t generate an app password, so before you do, you should on two step verification.

4: Now you just follow the steps.

Select an app, like Mail or Gmail, and select device, like a Windows computer or mobile.

After completing the blanks, click on the generate button.

Generate Gmail App Passwords

5: Finally, you got your 16 digit codes, which will be your app passwords.

Note: Don’t lose your app passwords; try to place them in a safe spot.

Now you allow a third party to use your email without knowing your main Gmail password. 

How to Delete App Password?

  1. Go to Gmail and click on Manage My Google Accounts.
  2. On the left select the security.
  3. Then sign in to Google section select the app passwords.
  4. There will be the option to delete. By clicking on the delete option, your app passwords will be permanently deleted.

delete app password

Can Anyone Buy Gmail App Passwords?

Yes, there are many websites that provide app passwords Gmail accounts, like, which can provide you with 100–1000 Gmail app passwords with the best packages. If you want to purchase Gmail app passwords, then by clicking here, you will be shifted to the purchase area, where you can select your packages.

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