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Email is one of the most reliable and secure ways to communicate with anyone globally. From individuals to businesses, almost everyone integrates a mailing platform. In the world of mailing platforms, Google’s Gmail has gained popularity due to its lower security risks and user-friendly interface. Additionally, there are two ways to have access to a Gmail account. The first way is to create an account yourself, and the second way is to buy bulk Gmail accounts. So, if you’re looking for or interested in buying Gmail accounts, then PVA Mails can be a good choice for you. At PVA Mails, we offer numerous packages of Gmail, Google Voice, and Gmail accounts with app passwords. In this piece of content, we are going to explore Gmail accounts with app passwords, and we will also discuss the procedure for buying 200 Gmail accounts with app passwords.

How to simplify your bulk accounts with the app password (special password)

This is also called a special password because every application has a special password for logging, so if a hacker knows only one password, it’s your regular Gmail account, but again, they can’t log in to another app or device that you use.

So below are some easy steps to manage and simplify our accounts with special passwords:

1: Go to the settings of the Gmail account, then click on the security section.

2: Before using the app passwords, be informed that you must complete the two-step verifications.

3: When you visit app passwords, you can generate a special password for each app or device you use.

4: If you have app passwords in bulk, then you simplify them by creating a naming protocol for each password.

5: If you want to make it simpler, then you can change all the app passwords to your regular Gmail password.

6: The best way is to contact us. Buy in bulk (200 app passwords with Gmail accounts), and you can manage your business or another job.

How to buy from PVAMails?

By clicking here, you will be taken to our product area or shop, where we are not only providing you with PVA Gmail and Google Voice accounts but also app passwords for Gmail accounts in bulk.

1: After visiting our product page, choose the packages according to your needs.

2: Then click “Add to Card,” then view “Card.”. Then proceed to “checkout.”

3:After that, provide information where there will be a name, a phone number, and a valid email.

4: After we confirm the transaction, we will provide it within 2 hours..

What is SMTP and How it Helps to Send Emails securely

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is very necessary for sending messages, and it lets you handle email transactions from your Gmail account using email clients or online apps. Gmail can generate app-specific passwords via SMTP, allowing third-party programs to securely access your account. This makes your account strong, protected, and guarantees that your Gmail account is secured while using multiple apps or services; otherwise, it will be at risk.

How can we use SMTP for free?

Everyone needs a valuable protocol for their use, so the same SMTP is also very useful for those who want to send emails securely and efficiently. By using SMTP for free, you can ensure that your email communications are safe and reliable, whether you are sending personal messages or important business relations. It should be noted that it is not free at all, but you can use it free for 14 days for a trial.
You can buy it according to your needs because every package differs. The larger the packages, the better performance you can get. You can purchase from $10 up to a thousand dollars.

Advantages of Buying 200 Gmail with app passwords

If you have 200 app passwords Gmail accounts, you can manage your email better. Every account will be separate and clear for work, personal, and marketing. If you are running any business, you can increase your reach day by day. The best is that your accounts remain safe from unwanted people. Bulk accounts allow you to relax because they require less time to perform. If you buy from us, although it costs you somehow, this will be the reason that your company grows day by day.



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