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An old Gmail account has myriad benefits and advantages. They offer advanced customization options and high-security levels. In this review, we will dive into the advantages and features of old Gmail accounts before, moving toward this matter. Let’s talk about PVA Mails, which is known for its best services. This platform offers numerous Gmail account packages at affordable prices. Like, you can buy from one month to 2 years of old Gmail accounts. On the other hand, this platform offers excellent customer service, and you can benefit from our services.

In addition, the business is not our only goal. We believe that our customers are our assets; therefore, we always try to assist our customers with excellent services.

Moreover, finding a reliable website can sometimes be challenging. But with us, rest assured. We have been involved in this business for more than a decade. Our accounts are 100% safe and secure and have been created manually. You can buy Gmail accounts without any hesitation.

Exploring the Features of Old Gmail Accounts.

Gmail is an email service that is provided by Google. This mailing platform was introduced in 2009. The app has undergone many changes since its introduction. Changes have been made to the app to improve its performance. In comparison, many users are familiar with the modern interface. But again, if anything is still missing for you, let’s look at the sleek features of the Gmail account.

User-friendly and simple design:

The old Gmail account is straightforward to use because there are few things to confuse you. You can find whatever you need in your spot very quickly. Just type what you want, and Gmail will find it within seconds. Straightforwardly, you can share your pictures and documents. You may use Gmail everywhere on many devices, like a computer, phone, or tablet. You can arrange your emails with filters and labels to keep your Gmail tidy.


Filters in Gmail are a handy feature. It saves you time by organizing your received emails, which helps you find your essential emails easily. Filters work behind the scenes. It categorizes your incoming emails according to the criteria you have set.

Gmail’s Chat integration:

Gmail has improved features, and many features keep users connected with others in real time. At the same time, through Gmail’s chat integration, you can chat with your friends, family, relatives, and colleagues.


The most widely used mailing platform, Gmail, goes above and beyond the norm by enabling users to customize their inboxes with Customizable Themes. Consider your email area expressing your flair and attitude. These themes allow you to personalize your Gmail experience, and that’s precisely what they offer.

Powerful Search Functionality:

Introducing Gmail’s robust search feature, your reliable resource for quickly and precisely finding emails. What you’re looking for in your inbox. Just insert a few words, press insert, and it’s done! That is how the search bar in Gmail works.

How to Buy 2 Years of Gmail Accounts?

PVA Mails offers a wide range of Gmail accounts, including ones that are 2 years old. With our expertise in providing high-quality accounts, you can trust us to deliver the best service. Purchasing 2 years of old Gmail accounts can be beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, these accounts have a longer history and are less likely to get flagged or suspended by Google. This means that you can use the accounts for a longer period without any interruptions.

Moreover, 2 years of Gmail accounts have already gone through the initial verification process, making it easier for you to use them for your business needs. These accounts also have a high success rate for email marketing campaigns, as they have a higher trust score and are less likely to end up in the spam folder.

Please follow the steps I’ve included to purchase two years of Gmail Accounts.

1. Choose the desired package:

2. Add to cart and checkout:

3. Receive your accounts:

4. Start using your new accounts:


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